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7th Annual VIVA Show – “Figure It Out”

August 24 – September 10, 2005

Featuring figurative works by: Adria Becker, Dorothy Comins, Guilda Daniel-Elias, Susan Gesundheit, Dafna Gilboa, Mary Guzman, Jeanne Hahn, Helen Kim, Ulla-Britt Taranto, and Rachel Ross.

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LA Fiber Artists groupDorothy CominsDaphne Gilboa 1Daphne Gilboa 2Ulla-Britt TarantoFigure It Out 7Guilda Daniel-Elias (center)Helen Kim (left) and friends

Figure It OutAt the Reception on Sunday, August 28, guests were treated to a Dance Performance by Gregory Barnett and Jeremy Hahn entitled “(Left) Over”.