Valley Artists Guild

2007 Fall Exhibition

September 19 – October 6, 2007

Valley Artists Guild, one of the founding members of VIVA Art Center, is comprised of over 150 members working in a wide variety of mediums, techniques and genres. For more information about Valley Artists Guild, please visit their website.

The juror for this show was Carol Bishop. Carol is an artist/teacher originally from Chicago, but now resides in Los Angeles. She has exhibited extensively in America and Europe. She was the first female to have a solo exhibition at the Carousel de Louvre in Paris. She was the 2001 “Celebrity Artist” for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust in Oak Park, Illinois and a Sony Pictures artist for their 2001 “Per Cent for Art Project” in Culver City, California. Dr. Bishop is a Senior Lecturer at Woodbury University and instructs in Studio Painting at LAVC.

“The pieces that have been chosen are each personal expressions that reveal stories, fuel ideas, present conversations, and reinforce the joy of making art.” – Carol Bishop

Some of the winning entries are posted below; a full list of winners is at the bottom of this page.

Scott Kiche

Scott Kiche

“Portrait of Giovanny Feliu”
Best of Show
John Paul Thornton

John Paul Thornton

“The Cure”
1st Place – Figurative
Jude Wiesenfeld

Jude Wiesenfeld

“Cobblestone Corridor”
1st Place – Scenic
Albert Sormanti

Albert Sormanti

1st Place – Modern Experimental
Feliciti Iman

Felicite Imam

“A Moment in Time”
1st Place – Still Life
Judy Heimlich

Judy Heimlich

1st Place – Genre

Full List of Award Winners for VAG 2007 Fall Exhibition:

Best of Show : Scott Kiche - “Portrait of Giovanny Feliu”

1st Place: Jude Wiesenfeld – “Cobblestone Corridor”
2nd Place: Robert Simon – “Autumn Quickly”
3rd Place: Veronica Stensby – “Branch – Santa Fe”
Honorable Mention: Trice Tolle – “Road to Coyote Flats”

Still Life:
1st Place: Felicite Imam – “A Moment in Time”
2nd Place: Natalie Smythe – “Into the Light”
3rd Place: Terry Romero Paul – “Ice Bathing”
Honorable Mention: Jennelle Song - “Treasure Box”

1st Place: Albert Sormante – “Passages”
2nd Place: Donna Geist Buch – “7 Sections”
3rd Place: Dorothy Shepherd – “Sapaksi”
Honorable Mention: Marion Fisher Wallin – “Waiting for Goodman MD”

1st Place: John Paul Thornton – “The Cure””
2nd Place: John Paul Thornton – “Tony”
3rd Place: Nancy Taylor – “Seated Man”
Honorable Mention: Judith Bloch – “Krishna and Radha Mandala”

1st place: Judy Heimlich – “Circle of Friends”

Lee Brasler-Banarer Award:
Ellen Brown – “Mom at Sixteen”

Merchandise Awards:
Jack Richeson Art Supplies: Barbara Willimas – “Agatha”
The Canvas Peddler: EchoSong – “Utopia IV”
LACMA: Marian Fortunati