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Special Exhibition

January 17 – February 10, 2007

In anticipation of the installation of the Old Woman of the Freeway mural on our gallery’s exterior west wall later on in 2007, VIVA, along with muralist Kent Twitchell, chose to celebrate this event by honoring six local women artists who have been producing extraordinary art for decades and are still going strong.

Featured artists in the Women of a Certain Age exhibition include Pat Berger, Annette Bird, Ellen Grim, Virginia Sandler, Loa Sprung, and Joan Vaupen.

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Annette Bird

Bird 1 Bird 2 Bird 3

Annette Bird, a Los Angeles resident for most of her life, has made her mark primarily as a figurative sculptor, working in bronze and wood. Her pieces often consist of two or more figures in silent conversation with each other. There is always a psychological element and frequently a socio-political commentary as well. She is currently represented by the Jan Baum Gallery.

Pat Berger

Berger 2 Berger 1

Pat Berger was born in New York City, but spent her life growing up in Los Angeles. Pat has been an integral part of the art world as a painter, muralist, teacher, and community activist. Known in the 1980’s for her series of paintings done on skid row in LA, her works helped to raise the consciousness of the community around her. Her more recent paintings reflect her interest in travel, nature, and Women and the Plants in the Bible.

Ellen Grim

Grim 1 Grim 2

Ellen Grim, originally from a pioneer family in Indiana, served as a Marine in World War II as a draftsman supervisor. Having taught for over 35 years in California, she retired to concentrate on painting. Primarily a watercolor artist, she concentrates on Southwestern, Native American, and Mexican culture themes. Using her unique personal style and technique, her imagery always presents a thoughtful comment on a given situation.

Virginia Sandler

Sandler 1 Sandler 2 Sandler 3

Virginia Sandler is probably the most abstract artist in this group. Virginia began life in St. Louis. She studied art at UCLA, and later worked as an art curator at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences in Rancho Mirage, California, and a volunteer at the Getty Museum. A studio painter, her favored medium is acrylic on paper or canvas, but her penchant for experimentation leads her directly into the realm of mixed media where she excels. Visit her website.

Loa Sprung

Sprung 1 Sprung 2

Loa Sprung spent her early years in Wisconsin and in Chicago where she attended the Chicago Art Institute and worked as an electrical draftsman for Bell Telephone Company. After coming to California in the 1950’s, she received her lifetime teaching credential. Loa recently received the National Watercolor Society’s Arts and Humanities Award. She has given much of her life and labor to that Society, and to the pursuit of intuitive watercolor painting.

Joan Vaupen

Vaupen 1 Vaupen 2 Vaupen 3

Joan Vaupen, originally from Washington, has made Los Angeles her home since 1960. Showing her work in many commercial galleries and museums, Joan is particularly active with LA Artcore and TAG – The Artists’ Gallery in Santa Monica. Known for her luminous and colorful imagery on Plexiglas material, her work derives from multiple influences including social history, art history, human endeavors, satire, and the effects of light and color on unique and translucent materials.