Wounded in America

Special Exhibition
June 25 – July 19, 2008

The San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence presents a powerful exhibition entitled “Wounded in America” which engages the public through the art of photography and the art of the word.    

Photographic artist, Robert Drea and writer Stephanie Arena expertly give us forty-six stories and portraits of gun violence survivors. The viewer is immediately engaged in a relationship with the photographed survivor and learns through intimate visual and written details the impact of this type of violence in people’s lives. The stories told by survivors communicate very deeply, one on one, survivor to viewer, the reality and complexities of our extremely diverse American culture and its propensity for gun violence. (To read the first-hand accounts of survivors, visit the Wounded in America website, then click on the icons along the top of the page.)

The exhibit is displayed as diptychs. Forty-six framed photographs alongside forty-six framed oral histories of gun survivors in America and includes six survivors from the Los Angeles area.

This exhibition traveled to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee in 2006 by 14,000 people.  The museum curator wrote: “The exhibition continues to resonate in a powerful way with visitors. If one were using this exhibit to explore the viewing time people spend in such settings, we’d have to write a new chapter; they are so engaged.” 

Read more about this project on the Wounded in America website.