2006 SalonSalon Artists 2006

The following artists were selected for the VIVA Salon for 2006. We encourage you to drop by VIVA to browse the Salon collection (exhibiting dates are posted to the right), or visit their respective web sites to see more examples of their work.

In addition to the artists below, the following artists were also selected: J. Dale M’Hall, Albert Sormanti, and E. J. Velardi.


Ruth BanarerRuth Banarer

Ruth Banarer taught painting and drawing at Barnsdall Art Center. Known as a printmaker, watercolorist and collage artist, she strives for good design whether in realism or in abstraction. Ruth graduated from Woodbury University with a degree in magazine illustration, has won many awards and was one of a three-woman art show. Email Ruth at rbanarer@sbcglobal.net.


David Carmichael - MoondanceDavid Carmichael

From the moment that David first touched chisel to stone the connection was instantaneous and profound. That connection continues and deepens as an interplay between the energies and forms inherent in the stone with his own search for emotional and spiritual truth. It is his belief that his sculpture should offer ongoing discovery. Visit David’s website.


Ray Chavez - Sweetwater CanyonRay Chavez

Visit Ray's website.


William Crain scuptureWilliam Crain

William Crain has been an artist since he could hold a crayon – now he holds a hammer and chisel sculpting with out power tools in gorgeous white Cararra Marble. To William, drawing is paramount and it shows in his oils and especially in his figure studies. Visit William’s website.


Bonnie Flamer photoBonnie Flamer

Bonnie Flamer has been devoted to the medium of photography for over 30 years. She has been a Women in Design, Photography Division winner. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and most recently has won three Honorable Mentions in the 2005 Fall Photography Exhibition at the Hubbard Museum of the Southwest. Visit Bonnie’s website.


Richard French - Bone SwirlRichard French

Richard French has 30+ years of experience in creating a wide range of artistic media, including fine art, photography and graphic design. His present focus centers on digital media. All of the work in this showing is based on his photographs, which have been digitized and reworked (by computer) for new or added emphasis. Email Richard at fotofresh@aol.com


Geist Buch - Motion in TimeDonna Geist Buch

Donna Geist Buch is an artist that works in several media. Mixed media is one of her favorites. She loves to explore new ideas, pushing her imagination and stretching the boundaries of expression. Her work can be both serious and playful while incorporating texture, movement and 3-dimensionality. Email Donna at geiststudio@earthlink.net


Elinor Janis - Jazz Band New Orleans IIElinor Janis

Elinor Janis has over 30 years of experience creating different images of paintings in fine art. Her present focus is watercolor and ink based on landscapes of the United States and Europe. She also uses acrylics and oils to portray figurative images. Visit Elinor’s website.


O'Neill - Beach PartySallie O’Neill

Sallie O’Neill started exhibiting her table-sized sculptures in 1987. She creates forms of people in varying degrees of abstraction; her male and female pieces present powerful portrayals of intimacy. She prefers to work with images in her head rather than using models and yet her unique sculpture captures the essence of emotional energy between people. Visit Sallie’s website.


Carson PritchardCarson Pritchard

Carson is a colorist who loves to paint from nature as much as possible. Her passion for plein air painting and love of nature are the subject of many of her paintings. Carson also studied at Art Center College of Design, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and also has taught there over the last 18 years. Visit Carson’s website.


Dorothy ShepherdDorothy Shepherd

Dorothy Shepherd paints expressionist watercolors in the Chinese Brush style. Subjects include animals, flowers and landscapes on rice paper. Her paintings communicate the Spirit of Nature through form, which is the completed picture. She hopes you will feel more centered and peaceful when viewing them. Email Dorothy at ladypainter71@yahoo.com


Strieby - Maury at the BassLorraine Strieby

The Santa Susana Mountains near Lorraine’s home in Los Angeles and the Southwest spirit of New Mexico and Arizona inspire her. Recently her love for music has led her to do a series on jazz, and she has traveled to many jazz fests to hear and feel the music and to sketch the musicians. Until Katrina, Lorraine was a featured artist at the Barlow Gallery, French Quarter, New Orleans. Visit Lorraine’s website.


Elizabeth Uyehara - GraffitoElizabeth Uyehara

Elizabeth Uyehara explores the many new media available today: metallic paints, spray enamels, acrylics, and glazes of all kinds. While her underlying compositions are highly structured, the surface textures and light reflections of her canvases – which change with the light sources and time of day – are often surprising and playful. Visit Elizabeth’s website.


Paul Uyehara - FlightPaul Uyehara

Paul Uyehara’s contemporary abstractions are based on master compositions, such as those in Goya’s etchings, “The Disasters of War,” and in works by other great artists. He analyses the dynamic compositional elements of line and shape, and interprets the resulting abstract designs in vivid, often intense, color. Visit Paul’s website.


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