Salon Artists 2008

The following artists were selected for the VIVA Salon for 2008. We encourage you to visit their respective web sites to see more examples of their work. In addition to the artists featured below, the following artists were also selected: Lore, J. Dale M’Hall, Shan Watters.

Ruth BanarerRuth Banarer

Ruth Banarer taught painting and drawing at Barnsdall Art Center. Known as a printmaker, watercolorist and collage artist, she strives for good design whether in realism or in abstraction. Ruth graduated from Woodbury University with a degree in magazine illustration, has won many awards and was one of a three-woman art show. Email Ruth at


Betty BeamBetty Beam

Betty does not put her work into any category of style. She enjoys all types of experimental and traditional work with oil, watercolor, acrylic and collage. She is a member of the following art organizations: Women Painters West, Collage Artists of America, Valley Watercolor Society and is presently a Director of Valley Institute of Visual Art. Email Betty at


Ray Chavez - Sweetwater CanyonRay Chavez

Ray Chavez has a deep appreciation for life which is reflected in his work. He is known for his tenacity and never give up attitude. Viewers are moved by his ability to capture the spirit of all subject matter. Visit Ray's website.


Donna Geist BuchDonna Geist Buch

Donna Geist Buch is an artist that works in several media. Mixed media is one of her favorites. She loves to explore new ideas, pushing her imagination and stretching the boundaries of expression. Her work can be both serious and playful while incorporating texture, movement and 3-dimensionality. Visit Donna’s website.


Donna Geist BuchLore Eckelberry

Lore Eckelberry is a contemporary artist located in Los Angeles. Her love of travel and her curiosity about other cultures led her to visit Japan, China, France, Holland, and Italy (where she lived for some time). Lore’s emphasis on color creates a completely modern and innovative way of strength in art expression. Visit Lore’s website.


Susan Gesundheit Susan Gesundheit

Susan Gesundheit’s paintings, prints and collages explore the surface of a two-dimensional graphic world with an extensive range of color and texture. Her work displays a sense of interpretation and experimentation with multiple layers with processes visible all the way through to the final image. Visit Susan’s website.


Beverly GrossmanBeverly Grossman

Bev Grossman’s paintings are often technique-driven. She works primarily in mixed media and collage, usually experimenting, but using watermedia for the foundation of her work. Her paintings are often layered in material and meaning. A recurring theme is the exploration of the concept of time. Email Beverly at


Charles HendrixCharles Hendrix

Charles Hendrix is a realist studio painter who works from photographs he has taken during a lifetime of travel. He works in watercolor, oils and acrylics. His interest is in preserving the sights of yesterday and today, for tomorrow they may be gone. Largely self-taught, he has studied with several local artists when a busy schedule permitted.


Elinor Janis - Jazz Band New Orleans IIElinor Janis

Elinor Janis has over 30 years of experience creating different images of paintings in fine art. Her present focus is watercolor and ink based on landscapes of the United States and Europe. She also uses acrylics and oils to portray figurative images. Visit Elinor’s website.


Susan KussSusan Kuss

Susan Kuss has been involved in the arts for most of her life. She has studied with many well-known artists, developing a unique style of her own.  She creates a visual language of symbols, texture and design.  She feels visual art and written art run in parallel lines and expresses her self in a complex combination of the two. Email Susan at


Donna RogersDonna Rogers

Donna Roger’s artwork springs from her love of people. She is a portrait and figure painter, who is sometimes inspired to paint a landscape. Although pastel is her favorite medium, she also paints in oil. She has won many awards for her work, including Best of Show in the Valley Artists Guild Fall 2006 Exhibit. Email Donna at


Dorothy ShephardDorothy Shepherd

Dorothy Shepherd paints expressionist watercolors in the Chinese Brush style. Subjects include animals, flowers and landscapes on rice paper. Her paintings communicate the Spirit of Nature through form, which is the completed picture. She hopes you will feel more centered and peaceful when viewing them. Email Dorothy at


Loraine VeeckLoraine Veeck

Loraine Veeck studied art at Pierce College and California State University in Northridge. Her mentor, Alice Beamish, taught the importance of spatial concepts, movement, and color. Loraine paints with a simplicity that doesn’t distract from the energy of the western landscape. Veeck has had 17 exhibitions and is included in many public collections. Visit Loraine’s website.


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